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With my content marketing partner Paul Martin we launched pm2 Media in 2017. As well as producing and presenting videos for corporate clients, we help other people learn the skills they need to make their own videos.

We run a workshop that teaches skills like business marketing, simple videography, editing and how to present in front of a camera.

learn how to present

As well as making videos for other companies I actively encourage business owners to be their own stars on screen and present their own video content.

This can require an element of coaching. Some people get it easier than others but if you're comfortable talking in front of any group of people, talking to a camera is only a few small steps away.


As a part of pm2 Media, I have produced, filmed and edited video content for a number of different companies.

To date I've worked with Active Essex on their 30:30 Essex campaign, Stop The World Cafe (see above), Barefoot Junkie and Unique Results amongst others.

Maybe we could make a video or two for you.

from content to camera to conversion

To find out more about working with pm2 Media, to pick our brains or just to say hi,

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