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Friday 17th May

I'll be back on with Tony in May. If you have a burning question you'd like to ask, get in touch.

This week is not only National Vegetarian Week but it's also Mental Health Awareness week.

Why we should all be aware of our mental health

It's easy to think that mental health applies to conditions like depression, anxiety or even bi-polar. However every single one of us has a brain, we all think about stuff, we all have an internal dialogue. So it's important that we all work to improve the way we think.

Just like Spock said, we all want to live long and prosper, or my current favourite phrase is that we all want to die young as late as possible. Well to do both of those things requires you to have physical and mental health. Move right, eat right and think right as I always say.

So below are a few articles that will help you to exercise your mental health and begin to think right.

How to get a good night's sleep

How a stone can change your life

How to think like a Jedi Knight

How stress can damage your health

5 free ways to improve your day

Flapjacks ... but better

I love me a flapjack. Especially those big brick like ones you can get in service stations. However they are loaded with sugar and really not a good idea for a daily snack. So how easy is it to strip out all of the sugar, all of the unhealthy stuff and still have a tasty flapjack? Dead easy it would appear.

Take a look at my recipe (and video) for a healthy, vegan orange flapjack. Click here to see more.

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