I've been talking on the radio in one way or another since 1989 (that's ages ago).

In 1996 I began doing it for a living. I went on to present travel news from a plane, present and produce my own breakfast shows for the largest radio group in the UK and I made various TV appearances including a spell on QVC.

I retired from full time radio in 2007 but still appear regularly on BBC radio as a health and fitness expert. Take a look at the video above from one of my regular appearances on BBC Essex.


With the launch of The Accumulator in 2014 I began producing and presenting my own videos. I found myself behind a company that worked by selling video content that I produced, presented and edited myself. These videos slowly became more and more ambitious.

Then people started asking me if I could make videos for their companies. As I enjoyed the challenge and the process of videography, I started saying yes.

I now make videos for quite a few people (see the next column). I also have my own cooking channel on YouTube.

pm2 media

Fast forward a few years and with the help of my content marketing business partner we launched pm2 Media to help businesses with video marketing. We even have a course that teaches small businesses how to make and market their own video content.

As well as help other people to learn the skills they need I continue to present and produce videos for other companies including Active Essex, Future Fit and the one above for footwear retailer Barefoot Junkie.

speaking of which ...

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