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the break that fixed me

I discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle a little later than most. At school I was bullied for being the fat kid who hated sport and would do anything to avoid a cross country run. It was a flying accident (more boring than it sounds) that put me in hospital and forced me to change the way I treated my body.

Finally in 2004 I became a mature student earning qualifications in personal training, nutrition and lifestyle. I then walked away from a sucessful career presenting breakfast radio and took the plunge.

I started as a personal trainer, based (as I still am) at Three Rivers Country Club in Essex. However I soon found my way back into the media writing for fitness magazines and speaking at national fitness events.

Then in 2014 I was approached by Bloomsbury and my first book was published in 2016 (click here to see it). I found a love for barefoot running too and have helped many people recover from injury and improve their running by making the change, as I did.

"you'll never run again"

A surgeon told me that after the accident that left me with a permanent weakness in my spine. I chose to put those words to the back of my mind until running started to hurt and I figured he could be right.

Then a magazine assignment led me to discover barefoot running. Since then and Ken Bob Saxton, a self taught runner who, now in his sixties, has spend most of his life running, walking, doing pretty much everything without shoes on.

Fast forward a few years and I've learned lots about barefoot running from all manner of people ranging from bio-mechanics experts to evolutionary biologists and even a foot surgeon.

Everyone who works with me understands the importance of doing it barefoot (or as close as possible). I've helped many runners change their ways and in some cases recover from injury. I've even changed people's posture purely by strengthening their feet and ditching the 'regular' supportive shoes that can do more harm than good. I'm also working with one of the leaders in 'barefoot' footwear, Vibram FiveFingers (take a look at the video).

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